Now that warmer weather is upon us, sports seasons for your children will have either started or will be starting soon. Before you let your little one out onto that pitcher’s mound, consider talking to a Preston One Dental Studio dentist about getting a custom made mouth guard made for your child.

  • Here is why a mouth guard is important for the health of your child’s smile:
  • There’s always a risk, especially in contact sports that your own teeth can injure areas of your mouth and cause bleeding or sores. Using a mouth guard basically protects your mouth from your teeth.
  • Some schools and athletic leagues will require young athletes to wear a mouth guard for their safety anyways. Be sure to check with the organization you or your child will be participating in ahead of time.
  • Mouth guards can in the long run help save you money. Even a custom made mouth guard which can cost a couple hundred of dollars is likely to cost you a lot less than an emergency dental service. If your child’s sport of choice has the potential for high impact situations, you should consider taking the precaution of a mouth guard.

Contact the Preston One Dental Studio office for more information or to schedule an appointment to get a mouth guard.

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