People with sensitive teeth often find it uncomfortable to eat ice-cream or drink hot chocolate all because of the pain. It may leave you thinking twice about enjoying that nice ice cold cup of lemonade on a hot summer’s day with your friends.

There are many things that can cause sensitive teeth; Tooth decay or cavities, fractured teeth, old fillings, gum disease, weak tooth enamel, and exposed tooth roots. Normally, a layer of enamel protects your teeth and under the gums cementum protects your tooth’s root. Under both of these is something called dentin. If your enamel or cementum loses its protective ability and allows hot, cold, acidic or sticky food to reach the dentin, this is what causes your sensitive teeth.

Luckily, there are many options to treat sensitive teeth. Choice of treatment can vary due to each person’s individual reason for sensitive teeth.

  • Desensitizing Toothpaste: This kind of toothpaste contains a compound that forms a protective layer over the dentin, blocking transmissions from the food. This form of treatment usually requires a few applications before results.
  • Fluoride Gel: This is a treatment done inside your dental office that strengthens the enamel and reduces hypersensitivity.
  • A Crown, Inlay or Bonding: if there is a flaw on a specific tooth these treatments may be used to fix the issue.
  • Surgical Gum Graft: If gum tissue has receded significantly this procedure will protect the root and reduce sensitivity.
  • Root Canal: If sensitivity is so severe and long lasting and no other treatment is appropriate, your dentist may recommend this treat to eliminate the problem.

Using proper cleaning techniques and going to regular check-ups for your teeth is the key to preventing any sensitivity issues.  Ask your dentist if you are looking for a solution to sensitive teeth.

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