Children often aren’t very fond of getting their teeth flossed let alone flossing themselves. Flossing can actually be a fun and easy addition to your child’s oral care routine. Here are some steps to get your child excited about flossing.
• Make a chart! A flossing chart in the bathroom is a great way to encourage and remind your child to floss. Use fun stickers to document each time they floss and reward then when they floss for an entire week!
• Have fun! Flossing doesn’t have to be boring, have a dance party or tell stories. Play a short song and floss until it’s done.
• Get them their own tools. Sometimes using a traditional string of floss can be difficult for your child to maneuver. At your local drug store you can find kid-friendly flossing sticks that are available in a wide variety of colors and characters. This makes it easy for your child to reach those teeth in the very back.
• Reinforce their efforts. Habits take times to develop so praising and reminding your child not only makes them proud but helps enforce the idea that flossing Is good!
• Lastly, set an example. Your children look up to you and there’s no better way to show them flossing is great them letting then see you being proactive as well.
Teaching proper care for your child’s teeth will help set a foundations for a lifetime of beautiful and healthy teeth.

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