We all forget to brush our teeth sometimes, but getting kids to brush their teeth in general is a challenge. There are many ways to encourage your child and even make brushing their teeth a fun experience.

Creating a daily routine helps add structure to your child lives as well as encourage a good daily habit for teeth brushing. You could also use a reward system but celebrating when they’ve brushed their teeth twice a day for a whole week.

Kids love their sweets so why not let your child pick their own toothpaste flavor and brush, this gives them some control and make teeth brushing delicious and fun! There is a wide range of oral hygiene products that promote fun characters and even tooth brushes that play your child’s favorite music! These toothbrushes are great because the song is times to the perfect length for a proper tooth brushing.

It’s also a good idea to explain to your child while they should be brushing their teeth and warn them on what could happen if they don’t keep up their oral hygiene. You can also brush your teeth with your child to show them that it’s a good thing and to remind yourself to keep up your own oral hygiene!

Be creative! Brushing your teeth doesn’t have to be boring, and keep your childs teeth sparkly and clean will encourage a healthy mouth as they get older.

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