Natural products have quickly become a popular trend these days. This trend has now even made its way into the oral hygiene section. But what is the difference between normal toothpaste and natural toothpastes?

The ingredient’s natural toothpaste does NOT have is the biggest difference. Here is a list of ingredients conventional toothpaste may have that natural toothpaste may not have.

Artificial Flavors – Some conventional toothpaste’s will have artificial flavors added to them so that you get the desired flavor. Natural toothpaste’s will utilize flavors derived from natural ingredients.

Artificial Sweeteners – Saccharin and other artificial sweeteners can be found in most conventional toothpaste’s, whereas natural toothpaste will contain sweeteners such as sugar alcohol xyliltol or stevia which can be found naturally.

Artificial Colors – The color conventional toothpaste has usually comes from artificial colors. Natural toothpaste does not contain any artificial colors and will be generally white in color only.

Fluoride – Although fluoride is a mineral that is used to fight cavities quite efficiently, it still has some opponents in the natural world. You will find that some natural toothpaste contains fluoride and some that does not.

Preservatives – Preservatives in conventional toothpaste such as sodium benzoate, methyl paraben and ethyl paraben are used generally to keep the toothpaste fresh and prevent microorganisms from growing. Natural toothpaste will use a natural preservative such as citric acid.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – SLS is used as a foaming agent in toothpaste and can be a skin irritant for some people; it has also been known to cause canker sores if you are prone to them. Some natural toothpaste will contain SLS and others will not.

Conventional toothpaste is perfectly safe to use, however if you are concerned about additives that are artificial, then their natural counterparts might be the way to go for you. For more information or for help finding the perfect toothpaste for you contact Preston One Dental Studio for more information.

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