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My wife, Dr. Faucheu and I recently got a new puppy: Tui a Golden Doodle mixed with a Labradoodle who will go on to become a Therapy Dog to be used in our dental offices.  While I have had dogs before I got them back in college 10+ years ago so I was a little out of the loop on the training & growth rate of the dog.

Recently I had a visit at Ridge Road Animal Hospital, great veterinarian by the way, and I began asking the vet about how long it will take for Tui to reach full size, crate training and leash training and finally about when will she LOSE HER BABY TEETH and STOP TEETHING!

Dogs are like humans in many ways, and having 2 sets of teeth is one of them.  The mouth is an area of the body where things can change very rapidly and if a problem goes unnoticed for some time, there may be permanent damage and undue pain.  This is one of the reasons the ADA and Dental Professionals recommend we see your child every 3-4 months until they are age appropriate for radiographic images and regular cleanings.

Puppy teeth are deciduous meaning they fall out allowing their permanent teeth to erupt and develop properly, just like children but unlike kids PUPPIES HAVE ALL THEIR TEETH BY 12 WEEKS OLD.  Also puppies lose all their teeth by 6 months of age (also the time when they should be spayed/neutered…more on that later), BUT CHILDREN DON’T LOSE ALL THEIR TEETH UNTIL AROUND 12 YEARS OLD.

Children have 20 Primary Teeth and 32 Permanent Teeth; Dogs have 28 Primary Teeth and 48 PERMANENT TEETH…CRAZY!

As dogs and children have their baby teeth erupt we almost always see some form of TEETHING. As my arms and fingers can attest…TUI is teething! It’s important to provide your baby (dog or child) a form of relief teething rings, nyla bones (only for your DOG!).

So as you see we are not that different from our canine companions and as I am a huge dog lover I find my wife and I are preparing TUI to provide you comfort and reduced anxiety with your dental appointments at our office!

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