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Does chewing gum really clean your mouth

Does Chewing Gum Really Help to Clean Your Mouth?

While candy is undoubtedly considered bad for your dental health, one type of “candy” can actually improve your oral hygiene. It’s sugar-free chewing gum! Does chewing gum really help to clean your mouth? While most gum is considered bad for teeth because of its sugar content that causes tooth decay, tooth erosion and other types […]

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The Surprising Link Between Dental Health and Well-Being

You might be surprised how much oral dental health influences your overall wellness! Did you know your mouth contains a unique microbiome? A study showed that your oral microbiome not only influences your oral health but the health and condition of your whole body.  Since oral wellness is one of the key drivers of our […]

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7 Ways to Tackle Gum Sensitivity

Do you have swollen, irritated or painful gums? Do your gums bleed or become sore when you brush or floss your teeth? If yes, unfortunately you are suffering from gum sensitivity. Gum sensitivity and soreness is one of the most common, yet ignored dental health problems. Pain from gum sensitivity can range from just few […]

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