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New Year, New Smile!

Each January, millions of people resolve to change their lives for the better in the new year. Often, their goals involve losing weight, getting more exercise, or similar healthy habits. But there is one resolution that could truly improve your health and your life in many ways – no gym required. It’s a resolution for […]

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Nail biting can hurt your teeth

Nail biting, known as “onychophagia,” is a habit that can cause some harm to your teeth and overall oral health. Some people’s nails can become so tough and resilient to damage that chewing on they can cause your teeth to get tiny chips or fracture your enamel.  Some people even believe that chewing on their […]

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general dentistry

Best and Worst Holiday Foods For Your Teeth

The holidays are in full swing as we approach the New Year. Most of the time, this time of year means more sweet treats. If you tend to worry about your New Year’s resolutions and are already thinking that losing weight will be one of them, you can start focusing on your goal now by […]

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family dentistry

The Causes and Treatments of Sensitive Teeth

People with sensitive teeth often find it uncomfortable to eat ice-cream or drink hot chocolate all because of the pain. It may leave you thinking twice about enjoying that nice ice cold cup of lemonade on a hot summer’s day with your friends. There are many things that can cause sensitive teeth; Tooth decay or […]

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cosmetic dentistry

Potential risk of Oral Piercings

People instinctively are all about self-expression whether that be through hobbies, style, or other things. One common form of self-expression is oral piercings. Oral piercings can be that of the tongue, lip, or cheeks. Although these forms of piercings are popular and common you should be aware of the potential risks associated with these kinds […]

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What Are Dental Implants?

If you have some dental problems and you have heard about the possibility of having dental implants as a solution to your problem, it is good to know what this dental procedure means and what benefits it will give in case you go through the process. A dental implant procedure allows the replacement of your tooth with […]

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