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Teeth Whitening

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You deserve a bright, confident smile. Professional, in-office teeth whitening is safe, simple, and one of the fastest ways to improve the beauty of your smile. We use a number of different whitening products depending on a patient’s desired results and budget.

• Philips ZOOM!
• Sm;)e Perfected

Is teeth whitening right for you?
Almost everyone can benefit from teeth whitening, though for some the treatment may not be as effective. In-office teeth whitening achieves the greatest success in treating yellow staining from aging, dark colas, tea, tobacco, coffee, or red wine. If your teeth have traces of gray from tetracycline or other chemicals, you may still see some improvement in the results, although it is possible that they will be less dramatic. Your dentist will be able to asses you ideal level of treatment for your personal smile during your shade assessment.
With a beautiful, sparkling smile you may just have a whole new outlook on life. Contact us today to schedule your in-office whitening session.

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