Be honest – doesn’t the idea of a magical fairy leaving gifts under your pillow just sound awesome? That’s why it can be a great influential tool for children. After all the tooth fairy only wants children to have healthy beautiful teeth!

Here’s how the Tooth Fairy can help implement good oral hygiene habits in your home:

  • Tell your children about the Tooth Fairy before they begin loosing teeth. Most kids on average lose their baby teeth around ages 5-7. If a parent begins to introduce the idea of a Tooth Fairy before this point your children will be more apt to using good oral habits and keeping their teeth healthy. If your child is grump and decides one day they don’t want to brush of floss simply remind them that the tooth fairy is excited only for healthy teeth – this can help keep children excited and inclined to take proper care of their teeth.
  • When your child finally does get a visit for the tooth fairy leave an encouraging and loving note along with the gift. This note should include other tips for their teeth that the Tooth Fairy wants them to practice and some encouraging words to keep the child motivated.
  • Give gifts the help with oral health! Although majority of kids receive some cash under their pillow from the Tooth Fairy it may be a good idea to consider providing gifts like a new toothbrush with an awesome cartoon character or some delicious flavored toothpaste. You can even be more creative like leaving a new book that enforce good oral hygiene as well!

Now you may be worried about losing your child’s tooth under all those pillows. Luckily you can easily find a pillow with a small tooth size pocket on the front that can even be customized for your child. Make it fun and make it a learning experience!

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