A chipped tooth is never convenient and always happens at the worst possible times. So how do you care for a chipped tooth if it happens after business hours or even when you are out of town?

BUSINESS NAME wants to make sure you are prepared for a dental emergency, so here is what you do if you find yourself in a bind.

  1. First and foremost, call our office, or a general dentist if you are out of town. Even the smallest cracks can get bigger or worse yet become infected. You will want to address the situation immediately with your dentist. You can contact Preston One Dental Studio!
  2. Occasionally swish your mouth wash or sea salt water to make sure the area stays clean and disinfected.
  3. Cover the crack with paraffin wax to keep the chipped tooth from injuring your mouth. Paraffin wax also helps to keep food and other debris from falling into the crack.
  4. Choose softer foods to eat. You should also use the other side of your mouth to do the chewing until your dentist has been able to examine it.

Be prepared! Consider putting together an emergency dental kit. With items like toothpicks, cotton, toothache drops, tweezers, dental wax, floss, and denture repair material, you will always be prepared!

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